About Us


Kilas Info is a website which provides recipes from Indonesia.It all started in 2022 when I was visiting my grandmother in my motherland, Indonesia. As a foreigner, I had been exposed to so many different types of food that I never had before. One of the dishes she often made for me when I visited was this dish called “seri muka”, which is a type of chicken soup.I always loved the taste, but whenever I asked her how to make it she just said “my grandmother’s secret recipe”.So as an Indonesian living abroad and being so curious about what countries like Canada were cooking and eating, but not knowing much about their food history, culture or ingredients; then one day when my grandmother passed away, I knew it was time for me to take matters into my own hands and start from scratch on this project.There are currently more than 100++ recipes on Kilas Info with more being added every week! A lot of recipes have been provided by visitors sharing their favorite dishes with us and we hope that you too can share your favorite recipes too! If you have any favourite dishes please send them over to [email protected] Kilas Info believes that cooking is not